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About BhuGoal

BhuGoal weather station is based on patented technology to track the behavior of clouds.
We use millions of data points to determine changes in the weather of a particular area hence we are able to provide location-specific weather prediction.


A Brief Description

The weather station keeps track of the movement of clouds by monitoring satellite signal strength variations. We use numerous data points from sources such as satellite signal strength, RADAR, and BhuGoal nodes for better understanding and forecasting of dynamics of the cloud at any particular location.



We also provide a revolutionary weather forecasting platform to be used by weather-sensitive industries such as Energy, Constrcution, Aviation, and Technology. It provides answers to our customers specific weather questions, allowing them to optimize operations, enhance safety, protect assets, and reduce losses.

How it is Different

It is an augmentation of traditional weather data with data points from various sources such as satellite signals, RADAR, and BhuGoal weather station.

The weather station is self-sufficient and does not require additional infrastructure and power supply.


The devices are regularly monitored remotely by a custom-designed AI engine for fault diagnostics and troubleshooting.

How it Works

Catering you with the right information

BhuGoal weather station provides you with location-specific accurate weather data- historical, real-time, and forecast.
Equipping businesses with Data-Driven Insights

We provide you with the details of impact weather will have on your business
‚ÄčAssistance in Data-Driven Actions

BhuGoal weather station empowers you to outsmart weather events by planning and taking prior actions.


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